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  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Street fighter 5 so soon after USF4?
  • Reading: NFP logic if I ever saw it.
  • Watching: Time for the ultimate mah boi session!
  • Playing: After that, I'll get lamp oil, rope and bombs.
  • Eating: If I want it.
  • Drinking: Though I heard something outside my wi
Ok, Persona month's over for real now, so don't write about it anymore. You've bitched about this longer than xillia 2 or ANY video game for that matter. Give your readers a break, not all of them are into that series. You have to move oHOLY CRAP PERSONA 3 PORTABLE ARRIVED WEEKEND RUINED IN THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY HOLY FRIGGIN S

Above was friday, i.e. 19th december which was the day I finished the answer in Persona 3 FES, summed up perfectly. Now it's 21, and I have stuff to talk about on this last advent.

First, Persona 3 portable. I'll have to say, it's what I imagined and not much more, which is a good thing in this case. It's Persona 3 again but tweaked to be like 4. Case in point, you can control your allies directly. That, believe it or not, is HUGE. It's also been reimagined as a visual novel, having no cutscenes whatsoever, apart from a few sloppy ones in 3D instead of animated. To compensate, they have recorded a few extra lines of dialog to make it work. For example, in the famous "detective" scene with Junpei and Yukari, Yukari walks in and Junpei greets her. There's no 3D overworld now, and you navigate using a cursor and interact with stuff by kinda clicking them. No scenes have that, so there's either text explaining the environment and chain of events to make it clear. Sometimes, such as the scene I gave an example of, instead of having text saying "Yukari arrived" or something, she says "Mornin'" and the lines of dialog proceeds as normal. Nice touch, in my opinion.

The fighting has been greatly improved. Your teammates can make follow-up attacks with you make an enemy fall down and there's another left, meaning they'll automatically make the other enemy fall down as well and you can proceed with an all-out attack. The animations for all-out attacks have changed, most notably the nuke effect of the all-out attack kills the enemies. Additionally, they changed the fall down and one more system to reflect Persona 4. In Persona 3 and P3FES, if you land a crit or use an attack type the enemy is weak to, they fall over. Same goes for you. When down, you take extra damage next attack but you'll stand. If you're down when it's your turn, you'll stand up and nothing else happens. Same goes for the enemies. This means that the enemy can, in theory, use an attack on one team mate and then attack a different one every turn and the one lying down will never be able to move. Should you use a move that hit all enemies and at least one fall down, you will not get to attack again. Same for the enemies. However, Persona 4 happened and changed all this, and P3P follows it. Now, you get to do something the turn you stand up, same for the enemies. Should you or an enemy get attacked while down, there's a chance of becoming dizzy and you cannot stand for one turn. Unfortunately, using moves that hit multiple targets can make you attack again if at least one target falls over, for both you and enemies. This means that the enemy can use an attack that strikes your whole party, one falls down, it uses the same attack again and the one who fell is most likely dizzy, only to eat the same attack a third time next turn. Make of all this what you will.

Course there's the fact that you can play as a female this time which changes the perspective of the whole game. It's not canon, but interesting. I'm glad there's the option at least. This series in popular among girls, and I think a majority of them would rather date the guys or at least have the option to do so. I'm considering playing through the game as her just to see how it's different. Though it makes the thing about Aigis a lot squikier in my opinion, but at least it's not canon. Oh, and they nerfed the whole fusion spell system pretty hard. More on that another time.

Yes, my PSP magically works now. Not kidding. I could barely start it two months ago, but it's mostly fine now. I'm seriously afraid that it's gonna break down again soon.


In the world of movies, I've recently seen Dawn of the planet of the apes and Godzilla. The former was good considering it's a movie that really shouldn't exist as we all know what happened. The latter is just a monster flick and nothing more. By the an hour and a half I was kinda sick of how it constantly cut away as soon as the monster goodness started, but the ending delivered. All in all, I liked both movies even if none of them were great. Ok and mediocre, in that order.

Took me about a year, but I finally saw Dallas buyers club. A good flick, but I have no idea how much of it is true or not, especially the science behind the medicine. The guys who won the oscars deserved them, I suppose. They both did well. Recommended, as it's a touchy subject woth seeing at least once.

Unfortunately, that's everything I've done lately that's not P3P (not counting me getting raped at night by two crazy chicks, but I expect that to be natural to my readers as much as the fact that they're currently breathing air). I doubt I'll get to smash and alpha sapphire this year, as I'm gonna play through P3P at least two more times. Yeah, I'm a lowlife.


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I'm a deviant journalist, which means I use this site SOLELY for the journal function. You may read my journal as you please, and I update it whenever I feel like it. I usually write about video games, movies, music, porn, sex, stuff I'm doing, and other random shit.

My interest include video games, movies, music, making videos and music (sometimes), collecting stuff (such as Yu-gi-oh! cards), sex, writing, acting in various forms and ways, among other stuff I probably forgot to mention.

If you wanna check out my videos, follow this url:


Current Residence: Sweden, unfortunately
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Say what?
Print preference: Say what again?
Favourite genre of music: I'm a champloo, I love ALL kinds of music. Every single one there is.
Favourite photographer: I'm not really into this photograph-buissnes...
Favourite style of art: Who am I to judge all the styles of art? Art is an expression of the soul, I have no right to judge souls.
Operating System: Vista. Bill Gates deserves some kind of punishment for this one.
MP3 player of choice: I don't like MP3 players.
Shell of choice: Seashells are nice.
Wallpaper of choice: Those that are hangable on walls.
Skin of choice: What are you, racist? I love everybody! (I know what they meant, just goofin')
Favourite cartoon character: That's a good question. I have many I like, but no obvious favourite. If I was forced to pick one, I'd say Helga G Pataki.
Personal Quote: Fuck prejudice.

Also, here's something completely pointless I added for the heck of it:
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Lol so I saw you lurking around so I visit your page and it looks like I left a comment nearly 4 years ago xD

You probably don't remember me but my old alias was 4KT!
SonNeoKaku Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014
How the shit wouldn't I remember you? You were the first Sas-K fanboy to grace the earth. I check your deviantart from time to time. Really glad you're doing well.
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LOL dude you got a deviant art?! xD
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