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  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Some FFVI music.
  • Reading: My balls.
  • Watching: My bActually, a FFVI vid.
  • Playing: Started playing through FFIV again.
  • Eating: I find most RPGs boring nowadays, and
  • Drinking: this is no exception. So far.
As the KO counter for the Smash demo goes way past 999, I can't help but think of other games to get in the future. The more info that's put out about it and for every trailer they release, my feelings about Final fantasy XV gets more and more mixed. I seriously have no idea what to feel about it at this point. Guess I could summarize my reasoning.

Why FFXV will suck:

Being stuck in development hell for almost 10 years is never a good thing, just look at Duke Nukem forever. The only good game I can think of that came out of development hell is Mother 3, but it kind of shows it had a lot of problems during development.

It was originally meant for PS3, but has since shifted for a PS4 release. It looks a lot like a PS3 game, nothing about it screams next-gen yet. It will be available for both gens, but that's not a good sign, even if it will help sales in theory. Kinda like how Mother 3 was gonna be a SNES game, then a N64 game and finally GBA.

Nomura directed the project but have recently left the game in favor for Kingdom hearts 3. The co-director is now handling the project. While he WAS there from the beginning, director swap mid-project is never a good thing.

Nomura haven't directed a good game since Kingdom hearts 2.

What the hell is this game trying to be? Jojo? Monster hunter? Kingdom hearts? God of war? Uncharted? This is not what their fanbase was looking for in a new main entry in the biggest RPG series in the world. Make up your mind, you can't be all these games at once.

There are no female party members as of now and Stella is a main antagonist., and the feminazis of the world is gonna bitch about that. Then again, that will draw attention to the game and might help sell a few extra units.

What the hell kind of names are these? Learn your lesson, Square, LATIN DOES NOT MAKE IT COOLER OR MORE PROFOUND, IT MAKES YOU SOUND LIKE YOU WANT TO BE DEEP AND ARTSY, especially when most characters have simple meanings, anyway. I don't know much latin, but even I know what these names mean and it's certainly not cool or cool-sounding.

Apart from the crystal and some character's hairstyles, how is this a final fantasy game? It doesn't seem quite sure what it's about.

They're directly targeting fujoshi and guys who want to see manly stuff. Not a good sign.

It suffers from what all FF games and movies does: The characters barely ever move a muscle in their face when they talk. Motion capture and culture differences, my ass. They're boring to watch. Sometimes a person's face can say more than any words possbly can.  Just look at good animated movies.

So many trailers, and no sign of the prelude or the fanfare since its shift into XV.

This game went from a XIII-tie in from a main entry in the franchise with elements from XIII, going from Final fantasy versus XIII (kind f title's that?) to Final fantasy XV. Make of that what you will, but I'd be frightened if a Tales escort title suddenly became a mothership one during development.

The music showcased so far sucks. I'm afraid we'll end up with a KH piano-esque soundtrack with some really boring and generic rock, despite that these characters are practically mafia which would allow for the most gangsta-ass setting available, but this is Square we're talking about. As many risks as they're seemingly willing to take, they're never gonna step out of that comfort zone.

Luna's hot, that WILL get exploited.

They're going for style over substance again.

Right now, it's about 55% done, with a demo coming with Final fantasy type-0 HD (another silly title, seriously) sometime next year, and no release year yet, let alone date. While I do honestly believe development is going fine as of now and it will be out within a 2 year span, there's no hiding that development didn't really take off until recently. Probably around when it got promoted from FFvsXIII to FFXV.

Just how will they attract new fans while not deviating too much from the series' core?

They have plans for sequels, possibly trying to make this another FFXIII. One should never have sequels planned from the start, they should just genuinely happen.

Why FFXV won't suck:

Look at those party members! I believe I've made it perfectly clear by now that I find these guys very gangsta. Everything from the way they dress to how they fight. They even have a swag-ass car! How can they NOT be in Mario kart 8?!

There won't be a Wii U release, and people really like it when that happens for some reason.

It will be for PS3, so I can play it.

I want those clothes. Now.

Luna's hot, that WILL get exploited.

Nomura's not a director anymore. He haven't directed a good game since Kingdom hearts 2 (TWEWY was a decent attempt, though), so I won't miss him.

They're going for a bit of God of war and Monster hunter, i.e. this might be the first manly FF ever. How I have waited.

You can play as MEN, not boys! Granted, their ages haven't been revealed yet, so Noctis migh as well be 15 and not 21 like Cloud was. Damn.

Add this guy to Smash as DLC for the heck of it. Yes.

It actually look genuinely fun to play. I'm don't care for FF, so I'm honestly glad they ditched the wait-and-input-a-command-and-wait-some-more that belonged in the 90s for something more action oriented. That's why I like the Tales series more. It looks fun to warp around and do GoW-esque takedowns on enemies. Just the kind of games I prefer at this point in time.

It turns me into more of a manchild than I already am. It reminds me of when life was simple and FFVII was the deepest game EVUR! Granted, I've grown sick and tired of this series a long time ago, but this combines the silly character designs I really liked about FF with testosterone-filled action I enjoy today.

It has "Final fantasy" in its title, people will buy it no matter how much it sucks or not. Even the FF-tards who only want to bash it.

I don't mind style over substance if the style is good. Right now, this game seems salvagable in that regard.

It tries to be Uncharted with lots of stuff happening at once during gameplay, like water coming through the windows. Pretty much interactable cutscenes. Anyone who has ever read my journal knows how much I adore Uncharted, so I have nothing against FF trying to be an interactable blockbuster movie as well.

I dig Monster hunter, so I have nothing against FFXV going that route. One could say it's just an action RPG like FFXII, but I think MH is the first that comes to most people's mind. Or maybe Xenoblade chronicles. Regardless, I don't mind FFXV being different from the other entries in the series. The formula's dead to me, anyway.

Technically not something related to FFXV, but just to get it out there: The only FF games I like are V, VI, VII and VIII for its card game and the song that came with it. VII used to be my favorite, but then all the lousy spin-offs happened, some of which ignored what actually happened in the actual game. VI is my current favorite as it has the best music, characters, villains and overall story. Even if it lose its edge once the world ends. V is very underrated and fun imo. Not perfect, but the job system was fun and it was just fun to play. Not too fond of VIII, I just really liked Triple triad.

So what should one make of all of this? You decide. I think it might end up one of those times where I take a complete gamble and preorder the collector's-or-whatever-edition just for the heck of it. Only time will tell.  Regardless, I wish it'd at LEAST have a release year.

Oh, and today is 20 years since the sinking of the ship Estonia, in which 800+ lives were tragically lost. My thoughts goes to the families affected by this awful event.


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