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Today might be the last. I will update this journal as I play the game. Refresh your browser to see what I'm doing right now!


Time to kill Julius, I suppose. Might be a fight I have to do on my own. Chapter 15. Felt a little bad for Nova, actually. Off to Marksburg. Defeated my brother, got an upgrade to my chromatus, seemingly. Guess I hit him so hard I destroyed the world, because I'm in a different location now. Possibly in a fractured dimension or a memory for sentimental blackmail. Proceeding. Arrived at my apartment, saw myself run off while talking to Julius. Now I'm REALLY glad Ludger never speaks, he sounds so uninteresting. Sometimes, it's best to shut up. Disappointed he even talked, though. Killed Julius, back to reality. Very touching scenes with my friend, with very solid acting. These guys kick ass, very supportive. The soul bridge is created, though I wonder just how we ended up in that dimension. End of chapter.

Character quests available. Also, "Milla! Wipe that drool!" Rowen's first. Damn, I almost had a drink with that guy. That'd been awesome. After a funny skit where Elize pwns Teepo, heading to Sirius. Rowen is one of the best characters, smart and calm. Just wish he'd stop winking, no one over 60 should ever do that. Ever. Looking for Rowen in Labari hollow. Found him, end of chapter. Good one, guess this was Rowen's last. I got a joke weapon as a reward, just like with Leia. Guess that means it's over. Also, Rowen might get laid, but he might die as well. We shall see.

Gaius is next. Pretty much only dialog, so it's over with quickly. The end of Gaius' story. A good one, I'd say. He's really redeemed himself from the first game. It annoys me that the villain in this story got away scot-free, but that's life. That's something I like about Quentin Tarantino, all villain get what they deserve. Continuing the stories.

Heeeeere's Muzét! She's so much fun, can't wait to see how this turns out. NEVER thought I'd come to really like her as a character when I played the last game. Fighting a boss. Just noticed I have Julius' broken watch as a usable item in battle. Guess I'll have to use it to stop Chronos from being an ass. Beat the boss, chapter and story over. Fun chapter and story. Muzét is just all around fun. It's always a delight with her. Too bad I won't have that spirit radio now. Too bad, it suited me. The scene after the boss fight was surprisingly effective, don't like seeing Muzét crying.

Speaking of Muzét, here's her sister's story. Into a dimension. An inteesting one, this is before the final battle in xillia 1! Didn't have a mild sepia tone last time. Proceeding. Maxwell, not Muzét and Gaius awaits. An easy fight, apart from Meteor storm. Another boss fight immediately, a fractured Muzét. Surprisingly easy. End of chapter and Milla's story. A good one, delivered two fun fights after each other. The whole story was nice, as it gave interesting backstory. The first chapters with TsunMilla felt like a waste, since she died, anyway. I don't regret doing them, though.

Our favorite pinkist, who's not all that pink, oddly, Elize! Into a dimension. Totally forgot he was her father. Might be a fractuted thing, but I have vague memories from the past game. Something around when he died, think he killed her parents or something. Where's fractured Elize? Another funny skit, Rowen is quite hilarious. Off to the deepwoods. A boss awaits. Easy fight, didn't even eat a single mystic arte. End of chapter and Elize's story. Touching scene at the end. Nice story, overall. Hada good twist, even. I've noticed not stories have happy endings, at least not in the sense that they achive everything they hoped for. I like that, honestly. It feel rare and yet very natural. Not everything in life is wrapped up perfectly. I maxed out Ludger's allium orb in this chapter, even!

Alvin. Nova got owned within 15 seconds. Digging this chapter already. To the bar in Duvall! Man, wish I could be a part of that party. End of chapter and Alvin's story. Easily my least favorite story so far. Not because it's bad, it just wasn't too interesting to me. Alvin and Leia are both awesome, though, it's always fun to see them together. I'm glad I did this story, it had its moments. Like when Presa died again, even if it didn't make much sense for her to be taken down by a single gunshot. The characters are always more fragile in the cutscenes than in battle.

Last and possibly least is Jude. Off nostalgia trippin' with Celsius. Jude and Milla being cute at the falls. After some more tripping, we're beating up Celsius to prove that humans and spirits can co-exist. Interesting logic. Very easy fight, nontheless. End of chapter and story. This chapter had action and shipteasing, I totally approve! Good story overall, but it had a fairly slow start. It's always fun to see Jude and Milla work off each other, even TsunMilla.

The end of all character stories, off to the land of Canaan! Choosing my party before letting the spirits help. What about the others? Proceeding. I noticed on the map that a quest seemed to be available. I check it out, only to find Ivar. Bonus chapter begins. Gonna have to stop golems. Heading to Sharilton to warn Driselle. Fighting the golem on Talys. With the aid of Maxwell, it becomes an easy fight. Ludger posing with Ivar was just the icing on the cake. Returning to Driselle. Ludger should never smile like that. He's too classy for that. End of bonus chapter. A fun one. Wonder if it'll play out in the main story in a bonus scene at the very least.

Back to Canaan. Heading further in. Chronos is a goddamn jerkface for rigging these "traps" and cheating in battle. Not as bad as Dhaos' castle and the derris emblem thing, though. Arrived at Chronos. Decent fight. Now Bakur. Interesting that he only use his fists, normally bosses close to the end have some bigass weapon. Dead. Some power ranger I turned put to be! Upgraded chromatus and fighting him again. Cheap, but possible. He's dead. Didn't expect Origin to look like that. "He" presents me with a choice: the world or my daughter.


What ending did I get, you ask? Play the game and you just might see it yourself. Don't look it up!

End of logs.


To talk a bit about the game itself, it took me almost 85 hours to finish it, with about 16 hours of idle. In my humble opinion, this is my new favorite Tales game, and my favorite in the RPG genre not named Pokemon. The story is predictable, but it's interactive. The characters are fleshed out and are overall great. The music is good, reusing the best from xillia 1. The character animations outside of battle are lacking, but the overall graphics are great. The system is very fun and is a huge improvement over the predecessor, which was already great to begin with. It feels very rewarding somehow. The debt system sucks, but the game won't nag you about it close to the end of the game. The voice acting rages from great to awful, most main characters are portraied well, and the game can handle drama. It's possible to play and enjoy the game without playing xillia 1, but it's not recommended. It's worth it to play the past game just to be able to enjoy this game to the fullest. Had it not been for some flaws adressed here, this game would have been close to perfect. In the end, the good outweights the bad, even if the bad is unignorable.

8/10, very close to 9. BUY THIS GAME!!!


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I'm a deviant journalist, which means I use this site SOLELY for the journal function. You may read my journal as you please, and I update it whenever I feel like it. I usually write about video games, movies, music, porn, sex, stuff I'm doing, and other random shit.

My interest include video games, movies, music, making videos and music (sometimes), collecting stuff (such as Yu-gi-oh! cards), sex, writing, acting in various forms and ways, among other stuff I probably forgot to mention.

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