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Journal History

  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Finally finished it!!
  • Reading: Xillia 3
  • Watching: Egamtup
  • Playing: Chozzccssha
  • Eating: I will upload a picture on this site when
  • Drinking: neveruary arrives.
Title's supposed to say "favorites", but it didn't fit. I hate character limits. Anyway, the lists are below. I'll update them as time goes by.

Video games (no particular order)

Tales of xillia 2 (one of the best direct sequels in history, so much fun to play)
Fire emblem awakening (Best 3DS title yet, addictive and fun, dialog is butchered but funny, great DLC, Severa is one of my favorite characters in fiction)
Tales of symphonia (Campy and aged, but has a great story and is very fun to play, good voice acting for its time mostly)
Tales of vesperia (Broken and exploitable battle system, funny and memorable characters)
Metal gear solid 4 (My favorite entry in the series, surprisingly good story, great ending)
Earthbound (Silly and funny, NFP in RPG form, spectacular music)
Final fantasy 6 (Almost doesn't make the list, but makes it due to Square sucking so much these days, aged but fun to play, 5 is also a good one)
Kindgom hearts 2 final mix (The best game Square has ever put out, extremely fun on critical)
Jet set radio (The controls sucks, but the style shines through, a true gangsta simulator)
Grand theft auto 5 (Awful controls, great story, fun characters, good music)
Bioshock infinite (One of the best delightfully uncomfortable games there is, great storytelling)
Super C (One of the best co-op games in history, hard but fun)
The last blade 2 (SNK playmore at its finest, put this on PSN!)
Soul calibur 5 (The best system in the series, very fun to play)
Soul calibur 2 (Almost as good as 5 but more "classic", great guest characters)
Ultra Street fighter 4 (Best Street fighter to date, edition select was the icing on the cake)
Street fighter 3rd strike (Best 2D Street fighter, a bit unbalanedCHUNLISLEGSbut enjoyable)
Pokemon crystal (Gold has the most nostalgic value to me, but this is the best entry in the series yet, great for beginners to the series, my all-time favorite 8-bit soundtrack)
Pokemon black 2 (Almost as good as crystal, has a lot of stuff in it, you'll be busy for months
Pokemon emerald (Not the best pokemon game, but the best of gen 3, repetitive instrument choices in the soundtrack, great graphics for its time)
Ducktales 1 or 2 (They're just as good in my opinion, hard but fun)
Castlevania 3 (One of the hardest games I've ever played, but it's so fun that it doesn't matter)
Super Mario bros. 3 (Might be the best NES game there is, great graphics and music, fluid controls)
Castlevania Harmony of Despair (Fanservice game, one of the funniest online experiences I've ever had, the ability to talk is fantastic)
Sailor moon super S (A 2D fighter for SNES, extremely silly and underappreciated, but it's so enjoyable, anyone that has ever seen or read this series should play this game)
Phantasy star 3 (Quirky and aged, one of the best Genesis soundtracks, innovative for its time, has a very special mood to it)
Phantasy star 4 (An excellent finish, great graphics and music, very innovative storytelling)
Sonic 3 and Knuckles (Sucks without Knuckles, which sucks without Sonic 3, the best Genesis and Sonic game, great graphics and music, very fun to play)
Clock tower (My favorite horror title, was the first game that terrified me, isn't even half as bad after 20+ playthroughs, SNES is the best version)
Chrono trigger (Used to call this my all time favorite, barely get a kick from it now since I've played it so much, still a very genuine recommendation)
Metroid prime (The best single player FPS and Metroid game, the series kinda went downhill after this)
League of legends (Ignore the chat and you've got yourself the best F2P title there is)
Team fortress 2 (A blast with friends, but always feel unbalanced somehow, MVM is super fun)
Batman Arkham city (Best superhero game yet, can be challenging but never too bad, the other games in the series are good but try Batman for NES instead)
Silent hill (Awful controls, aged voice acting, very genuine atmosphere, interesting story, try Silent hill 2 for a stand alone experience)
Yu-gi-oh! tag force 6 (Best Yu-gi-oh! game, but try the one on PSN for one in english, actually make the story interesting, great original characters, especially Reyna/Rein)
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (The greatest fighter yet, broken but so much fun to play and watch)
Uncharted 2 (Has the best single player, the controls are perfect)
Uncharted 3 (Has the best multiplayer, the controls are perfect)
The legend of Zelda: The wind waker HD (Spectacular graphics, the new features are great, great soundtrack, lovable and memorable characters)
Super smash bros. melee (Was meant to be the definition of casual but turned out to be one of the deepest and hardest games to play really well, kills your controllers though)
Vib-ribbon (Gather your favorite CDs and have a blast, as simple and addictive as it gets)
Theme park world (That guide is annoying, but man is this fun but silly)
Stret fighter alpha 3 (This would have been better than 3rd strike if the narrator wasn't so obnoxious, I miss Karin)
Tekken tag tournament 2 (Great with a friend, as Tekken as it gets)
Phoenix Wright: Ace attorney: Trials and tribulations (The best visual novel and detective-esque game I've played, would have been a great way to end the series)
Gyakuten kenji 2 (As good as the game above, the cases are tightly knit and the last case is almost up there with Bridge to the turnabout)
Street fighter x Tekken (I don't care what you think, this game is fun and that's that)
Mario kart 9 (The best racing game there is, very high fun factor, interesting DLC)
F-zero GX (The hardest racer I've played, deep system and fun in casual)
Crash team racing (The best Mario kart clone, about what you can expect from a good kart racer)
The legend of dragoon (Aged as hell, but was amazing for its time, too bad it never went anywhere)
Pokemon stadium 2 (Get some pokemon gen 1/2 games, load them up and laugh your ass off, very challenging in rental only)
Donkey Kong country 2 (Rare's finest, difficult but rewarding, first-class graphics and music)
Donkey Kong 64 (A 3D Donkey Kong country game, what more could you ask for?)
Parappa 2 (Funniest, silliest, and the best rythm game you can find)
Shadowgate (The NES version may be censored in comparison but has kickass music)
killer7 (One of the strangest games in existence, it's like something Quentin Tarantino would make if he was genuinely insane and high)
Megaman 2 (First class music, huge improvement over its predecessor, all it lacks is the kick)
Megaman battle network (Insane plot, great music, fantastic gameplay, my favorite Megaman game)
Pacman DX+ (As in the updated version of the PSN game, Pacman at its best)
Cave story (Crazy good music, remains one of the best indie games)
Oddworld: Abe's exoddus (Took everything Oddysee did right and doubled it, hard as heck but still fair somehow)
Elvira 2 and Waxorks (Listed both because they're very alike, the amiga versions are the best, a must for any point-and-click fan)
The hunchback of Notre Dame (Embraces both the beauty and ugliness of christianity)
Strider 2 (This game is just nuts, too short since most stages can be skipped)
The last of us factions (The single player The last of us is the most overrated thing this generation, the multiplayer is where it's at)
Resident evil 4 (Leon)
No more heroes (Never had a game being so akwardly good at breaking the fourth wall)
Pokemon trading card game 2 (Guess all good card video games are Japan only, try this game out, it's much better than the first)
Megaman starforce 3 (Always go out on a high note)
Madworld (Only play this game if you're prepared to grow a third testicle)
Super Mario world (Might be the best SNES game, which says a whole lot)
Duck hunt (We can finally kill the dog thanks to smash 3DS)
Music 2000 (A great beginner's program for music makers)
Donald Duck in Maui Mallard (To think that Donald could be this cool, nothing like he is in Kingdom hearts)
Sonic 2 (For those who think Sonic 3 is too much)
Streets of rage 2 (The best beat-em-up on the market, pick Max, practice the atomic drop and watch the assholes break asunder)
Ape escape (Took what could be regarded as a gimmick for its time and turned it into a household standard, still a blast to play)
Wario ware touched (This series is all about making you look like a jackass and you'll love it, any Wario ware goes but this is my personal favorite)
Wario land 2, 3 and 4 (Essentially the same games and very enjoyable fun music and gameplay)
Shadowrun (Kind of style over substance, as the controls aren't too good, but the music and overall presentation makes it worthwhile)
Ecco the dophin 2: the tides of time (One of the most surreal games I've played, in a strange way, must be seen to be believed)
Naruto ultimate ninja storm 3 full burst (A mouthful, but the best fanservice game as of now, easy to learn and very FUNbalaned so to say)
Breath of fire 3 (Not really well written, but plays well and has great music)
Toejam and Earl (Funkiest game in existence, seriously can't believe Nick didn't made a cartoon from this)

Movies (no paricular order, includes some TV-series)

The godfather (Used to be my all-time favorite, has some of the finest acting in cinema)
Citizen Kane (So amazing for its time people didn't even realize it)
To kill a mockingbird (One of the best characters in cinema, an overall delightfully unpleasant story)
12 years a slave (Emotional blackmail at its best backed up by solid performances)
The town (Ben Affleck is a damn good director, this movie is a testament of that)
Django unchained (Quentin Tarantino's magnum opus, perfect balance of well written dialog and over-the-top action)
Tangled (Two of Disney's best characters on a fun journey, very underrated)
Frozen (What happens when a great Disney flick decides to go 3D)
Bambi (My favorite animated movie, very minimalistic in a way, very little dialog and lets the pictures do the talking)
Sin city (As in BOTH movies, Frank Miller before he went nuts, a style over substance kind of thing, but the stories are actually pretty good)
It's a wonderful life (The ultimate feel good movie, the kind of movie that makes grown men weep like babies)
Good Will Hunting (Annoying protagonist, but the acting and writing makes this a movie that can change any young person's life if they actually listen to it)
Hey Arnold (This TV series changed my life for the better, I'm a LOT happier thanks to this, Helga is my absolute favorite character in all of fiction, proof that kids can act)
Pokemon (The movies are just genuinely bad, but the TV-series is so gloriously bad it's amazing, must be seen to be believed, XY is my favorite season because it has everything that makes pokemon so enjoyable, Serena is just so lovable, Team Rocket can go to hell)
Guardians of the galaxy (This is an action comedy, don't listen to what anyone else says)
The dark knight (Started the unfortunate trend of nolanfication of movies in general, but this is still one damn good movie)
Psycho (They didn't call Hitchcock the master of suspense for nothing, Anthony Perkins does a fantastic job as one of the best "villains" there is)
No country for old men (A very quiet thriller, one of the best)
Unforgiven (Clint Eastwood's best movie, this movie alone taught me respect for the man)
The departed (So much fun and yet not)
3:10 to Yuma (Very simple story but executed really well)
Amadeus (Not historically accurate, but so well acted, well written and overall fun that no one cares)
Samurai champloo (Japan doesn't need to make anything else, this is their legacy)
Tupac resurrection (A well made documentary about one of the greatest musical acts in history and his tragic end)
Bowling for Columbine (If you think America is picture perfect, watch this movie)
Date-a-live (This series is genuine TRASH, but it's so gloriously bad, the kind of trash I need sometimes)
Teen titans (I love it when people try stuff from other countries and succeeds)
The powepuff girls (People today have no balls, this series is so violent and brutal)
Samurai Jack (The reason I loved toonami, stil one of its finest)
My life as a teenage robot (Jenny is one of the coolest robots I've ever seen, she can morph into anything and it's so much fun to watch)
Avatar: the last airbender (Might be Nick's greatest, check it out and see why)
Monster (Has THE best performance I've ever seen in any movie, watch the movie and you'll know what I mean)
The great dictator (Chaplin at his funniest, amazing for his first talkie, especially the speech which he wrote himself)
A night at the opera (The silliest and funniest of comedies, Groucho Marx was one hell of a guy)
Young justice (Only for the second season)
Toy story 2 (Easily Pixar's best, I love Toy story and its style, I've yet to see an official Toy story movie/short/special that's a miss to me)
Justice league unlimited (Two words: Holy crap)
Beauty and the beast (This was the first animated movie to get nominated for Best picture, had it not been for Silence of the lambs, it would have won)
Gravity (Is made like how I want all movies, long takes and interesting camera work, this is the only movie I can say is an experience)

Bonus: Literature (books, comics and manga, in no particular order)

The divine comedy (Everyone should read this book, one of the best there is, has a very interesting view of the afterlife
The three musketeers (All these years and the book is STILL the best version)
Watashi ni xx shinasai, Kissxsis, Boku ha imouto ni koi wo suru, Sakura diaries (These all fall under the category glorioush garbage smut, brain food and nothing more)
One piece (So damn long, but good, even if I can't keep up with it anymore)
Kimi ni todoke (I love this kind of stuff, silly but enjoyable, a female equivalent to a bad action flick that's equally as satisfying but on a different plane so to say)
Dragon ball (The case-in-point of the example I just gave)
Jojo's bizarre adventure (The title is so correct, this is an odd one, but VERY manly)
Chobits (Time's not too kind but this one, but everyone should try it at least)

Bonus: characters (no particular order)

Helga G Pataki (Might be one of the deepest and complex characters from any cartoon, everything from her design to voice actress is just perfect, she singlehandedly turned me into a happier person)
Severa (I really dislike tsuns, Severa and Helga being the only exceptions since they are much more interesting and complex, Severa isn't really tsun by the end of the day, I like how she's a bit boyish but is still very feminine and still embrace her gender, she has some of the funniest lines in the game)
Starfire (As in the TV-series one and not the Go! version either, pretty much always makes me smile, mostly due to her voice actress, one of the most lovable characters the is, though I do understand why she's not well-liked sometimes as well)
Kurumi (This person just screams "sex" to me, one of the most sexually attractive characters I can think of, her actual personality ain't bad either)
Salieri (The Amadeus version, know nothing about the actual man, just one twisted individual who grows more insane for each passing minute)
Leon S Kennedy (One of the manliest badasses imaginable, he makes Resident evil a lot more enjoyable)
Nathan Drake (A lying, thieving scumbag who spouts jokes and one-liners left and right, just what I need from a video game character)
Serena (I can't begin to describe how much I adore this character, she's like a perfect mix of everything that I absolutely love about women, not to mention that she's shipteasing on legs, XY would be so boring without her, I know her romance won't lead anywhere but I sure hope she'll be the one exception, pokemon can't top her no matter what new travelling buddy they throw at us)
Ludger (Reflects the player, but has a bit of an actual personality, is very efficient in battle since he's pretty much four characters in one, pretty much bonds instantly with the crew unlike Emil who pretty much does nothing but bitch about Lloyd because that's how a sequel is made ameyerite)
Magneto (A villain we all can sympathize with but always manage to go too far in his actions, one of the most well-rounded villains there is)
Norman Bates (One of the most insane people ever to grace the silver screen, and that's saying a lot, yet still manage to be kind of likable somehow)
Luna Platz (So adorable, one of those that can always cheer me up, Starforce would have ben very mediocre without her)
Yuri Lowell (Some of his actions are questionable, but this is one swell dude, cool and calm, even if he looks likeba gender swapped woman)
Sawako (Someone all young girls should look up to, admirable is every sense of the word)
Origami(Not too fond of emotional less women, but this one is just too weird not to love)
Fuu, Jin and Mugen (One and the same unit to me, just three peeps who have nothing in common and don't like each other, play off eachother almost perfectly)
Kratos Aurion (Used to annoy me, but I've come to really appreciate him, an overall awesome person, but perhaps a bit questionable parent at times)
Arche (The fantranslation version only, one of the most consistently funny characters I've ever encountered)
Trevor (All the rage and violence condensed into one person, is still really loyal and comitted to those he consider "friends", very flawed but very enjoyable)
Booker (Finish Bioshock infinite and its DLC if you really want to know)
Samus (Pre Other M only, used to be the best female character in video games as her gender truly didn't matter in anyway, then she took off her suit and haven't really put it on since)


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I'm a deviant journalist, which means I use this site SOLELY for the journal function. You may read my journal as you please, and I update it whenever I feel like it. I usually write about video games, movies, music, porn, sex, stuff I'm doing, and other random shit.

My interest include video games, movies, music, making videos and music (sometimes), collecting stuff (such as Yu-gi-oh! cards), sex, writing, acting in various forms and ways, among other stuff I probably forgot to mention.

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Favourite cartoon character: That's a good question. I have many I like, but no obious favourite. If I was forced to pick one, I'd say Helga G Pataki.
Personal Quote: Fuck prejudice.

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