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As the male avatar can have a romantic relationship with Zero (a male) and the female avatar with Syalla (a female), people are gonna both praise and bitch about its usuage of homosexual relationships. Personally, I much prefer this over stuff like Persona 4 who treated gays like a gimmick and felt forced (not to mention how it's kinda just shrugged off it its ending and "sequels" instead of actually going with it), because the relationships in Fire emblem fates are completely optional and not forced upon you. Unlike in certain games where it's a part of the story. Case in point above. Also, is Syalla still gonna be obsessed with the avatar if she's her mother? For that matter, how will Zero's and the avatar's daughters happen if they hook up?

People are gonna bitch about the name changes. Sure, I'd love to say Tsubaki instead of Subaki, Macbeth instead of Iago, Selena instead of Severa, Kamui instead of Corrin (even I ain't gon' defend THAT name change), but a true character is defined by their actions. We all know who they are.

It's going to out-sell any Fire emblem game yet. Awakening was intended to be the last released outside Japan, but strong sales saved the series from cancellation. Given the critical acclaim awakening got, not to mention the hype building up to fates, it's clear that fates is going to sell better than its "predecessor". Awakening was released when 3DS wasn't a huge hit yet, and nobody gave a shit about Fire emblem back then. Time has changed. Awakening haven't even sold two million copies, and considering that they'll release multiple versions of fates à la pokemon, they're aiming for much stronger sales. Which they'll get.

The AWAKENINGWASBETTER and HELLNOFATESISTHEBEST wars are gonna be fun to watch. They're completely irrelevant to the developers, because people on both sides are gonna buy it anyway.

There will be DLC. Established fact, actually. Summer scramble like in awakening, for example.

Conquest will sell better than birthright because it's black. Meanwhile, I will laugh at the filthy nohrians and their increased difficulty as I get the version with a world map thus grinding available.

There will be many otps. Especially now with two gay relationships being available.

Severa and Syalla's roles are going to be insignificant at best. Both are fanservice additions.

I am going to have so much fun with these characters!

The story might be uninteresting at times, like awakening. I will not care as long as it plays well and have fun character interactions.

There will be localization changes (not counting names). Some more dumb than others.

Lots of references to awakening, despite being marketed as an unrelated game. Severa and Syalla, for example.

The ending will be dumb. Again.

It just might get a sequel of some sort.

It will look and sound a lot like awakening. It's not subtle about it. Much excusable, as awakening kicks ass and most Fire emblem games are almost copies of eachother, like the GBA games or the ones on DS.

Amiibo intetactions might not be worthwhile.

Dumbass purist will bitch about the long-awaited removal of weapon durability. The rest of the world will celebrate.

If it has a single musical piece that's not completely orchestrated, I might have to hit something. DLC doesn't count if they play it for laughs.

There will be plenty of ADD[character]TOSMASHLOL. Nintendo will not listen until fates sells extremely well. Then they'll just make mii costumes of 'em.

Some might be pissed if their favorite from awakening isn't properly resolved, so to say.

So much porn. Most of it gay.

Have I mentioned how people will talk about the homo-aspect, no matter how inconsequential it is to the game? People will compare it to this and that and might praise it for being sooo good for HBT in gaming and overall culture or the exact opposite etc. I will just say: Shut the hell up and play the game.

Grinding galore.

I am just going to enjoy this brief period of time when Syalla won't yield any decent results on google. The moment she gets her english name, I'll do the same.

I will struggle do hard not to hook up with another girl, hook up Tsukuyomi with some random asshole just so I can bang Syalla. Once it's done, I will have to replay the game as I've no doubt made both Syalla and my future daughter suboptimal. Unless Tsukuyomi can breed with a damn good mage.

Severa is one of my all-time favorite characters in all of fiction, but she's seemingly exclusive to nohr. She is currently the only reason for me to get that version. Despite my undying love for her, for now, Syalla wins. Meaning I will still get birthright. I might change my mind, but I'm very faithful as for now.

The interjection "gods" will return. Check out Nintendo treehouse live, very confirmed.

Lame villains. Again.

Syalla won't be an exact clone of Tharja. Severa won't be exactly the same as in awakening. If the latter proves to be untrue, it's shame on the writers for not doing character development properly, and if the former is too true and Syalla isn't deliciously creepy enough, I will have wasted time and money on game to get a relationship I'm not satisfied with.

It will be fun to go back and check this list once I've finished fates.


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