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I know that I don't deserve to own testicles after saying this, but I LOVE amourshipping so damn much!!

Yes, Serena's crush on Ash was added just as a ploy and was probably rushed (not to mention how it won't result in anything, not even a hug or a kiss in the last episode of xy, but if Serena was ever to kiss Ash on the mouth, I'd get so hyped I'd have to kill something), but GRAAAH IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY

First off, Serena is the best female traveling companion yet. One could call her sickeningly sweet, but I'll take that over the opposite any day. When I hear "grace" or "beauty", she or Lili from Tekken comes to mind. She's kind, caring, determined, and pretty strong. People bitch how young females have no good rolemodels (which is bullshit), but I'd say Serena's a damn good one. Certainly not complex, but nobody truly cares about that.

Second, which isn't really related to the shipping, but xy is the best season yet. Yes, it's better than the original series. Mostly because the character interactions are better and the overall quality is higher. It's not A-grade entertainment, but it's not ALWAYS so bad it's good. Can't really describe it, but it feels better structured overall.

Most importantly, Serena's interactions with Ash. He's his oblivious and deluded self (seriously, he makes Sas-K look like NFP's Ulq) and is kind to her because he's like that to most people. Of course, Serena takes it as acts of love. Fortunately, there's not THAT much actual jealousy or love rivalry going on with her, with a few exceptions. Most of the time, it's just Serena being sweet to Ash. Quite frankly, she comes off as she truly love him, as he helped her find her inner strength and is her source of inspiration. She admires her and her feelings are obviously romantic. We all know it's one sided, Ash is as oblivious as it gets, and is what made me coin the phrase ashsexual (i.e. completely oblivious to love).

Actually, not every episode is Serena going gaga over Ash, but there's small moments here and there. There's a few full-blown shiptease episodes, mostly those two with Miette (who I thank the creators for making a recurring character). Trust me when I say that it's gloriously funny. Serena's reactions are always over the top and adorable. Like when she realised she was kinda going on a date with Ash (too much League of legends, it feels so wrong writing that without an e at the end). My absolute favorite one are those Miette get out of her, as they are hilarious and cute at the same time. Between getting raped by two crazy women and wasting my hours on end playing video games, I'd say there's not much laugh-out-loud-hilarious moments in my life, so stuff like this is MUCH needed.

To be perfectly honest, I think this ship is so funny and adorable that it instantly cheers me up and get me hyped. When Ash gave Serena the blue ribbon, all those feelings bubbled up and I just HAD to hit something. There's not many things that can instantly make feel better, but amourshipping is one of them. Not since Hey Arnold have I had this kind of otp. I adore this shipping, even if it will amount to nothing. It may be forced or unnecessary, but I enjoy it regardless. It makes the best pokemon season a lot more worthwhile. Mind you, I still don't actually consider pokemon good in a way, as the games are so much better, but there's good stuff about it. Case in point, shipteasing. No ship involving Ash will ever be canon, but the writers were forced to go with one, right now, I'd most likely be amourshipping.

Their relationship is far from deep (no 10 year old girl acts like Serena), but it's enjoyable. What more that that do you need?

Not gonna be part of any ship wars, as I don't consider non-canon ships (lol) better than the next. Don't really get nevermetshippings, but I won't blame anyone for wanting to see romance between two characters. Or more, I dunno. I much prefer official couples, mind you, but even I can't resist a fun ship. Will never blame any shipper of any kinds. As long as they don't ship me and that jailbait girl BECAUSE IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN GAWDS STOP MAKING ME GO SEVERA

Here's a quick list of shippings in pokemon I dig
1. Amourshipping - Obviously
2. Pokeshipping - The original one. Didn't we all expect it back in season 1, especially after the second movie happend?
3. Advanceshipping - The bicker the better is still hilarious to watch. May overrall was pretty fun, and they had good interactions. Advanceshipping: the movie (i.e. ranger and the temple of the sea) holds the honor of being the only decent pokemon flick.
4. Pearlshipping - I'm one of the few that liked Dawn, even if she is May and Serena mixed together. Once again, good interactions. Didn't have its own movie, though.

Plus those other few with Ash and some random girl that's smitten with him. Knowing how the world works, it wouldn't surprise me if Miette is somehow trying to get into Serena's pants by using Ash's pants as a bait, to try to put it mildly, because NEED MOAR TOKEN GEY LAMO but whatever. Poffleshipping is still fun.

That's it for now. Will write again soon.


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I'm a deviant journalist, which means I use this site SOLELY for the journal function. You may read my journal as you please, and I update it whenever I feel like it. I usually write about video games, movies, music, porn, sex, stuff I'm doing, and other random shit.

My interest include video games, movies, music, making videos and music (sometimes), collecting stuff (such as Yu-gi-oh! cards), sex, writing, acting in various forms and ways, among other stuff I probably forgot to mention.

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Favourite cartoon character: That's a good question. I have many I like, but no obvious favourite. If I was forced to pick one, I'd say Helga G Pataki.
Personal Quote: Fuck prejudice.

Also, here's something completely pointless I added for the heck of it:
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You probably don't remember me but my old alias was 4KT!
SonNeoKaku Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014
How the shit wouldn't I remember you? You were the first Sas-K fanboy to grace the earth. I check your deviantart from time to time. Really glad you're doing well.
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